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One person company

What is One Person Company

ONE PERSON COMPANY- CONCEPT One Person company, as the name suggest, it is owned and managed by a single person. As per the Companies Act, 2013 under Section 2(62) “One Person CompanyRead More…

trademark registration


What is Trademark? Trademark mean a mark capable of being graphically represented and which distinguishes the goods and services or one person or Organisation from the others, which also includes words, phrasesRead More…

register a company

How to Register a Company in India

INTRODUCTION Registering a Company in India is a simple and easy process, which can be done through online. The necessary docs can be sent to us as scanned copy and theRead More…

One Person Company

One Person Company

INTRODUCTION: One person companies are in existence in certain countries. In India this concept has been mooted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs by allowing One Person Companies in India in lineRead More…